At last.

At last it feels like Fall is here. I know this because yesterday I had my first hot drink from Starbucks. Then later, I had my second hot drink from Starbucks, wearing my tan trench coat and a light-weight black turtleneck.
Air conditioners are off, windows are open to let that cool, crisp breeze flow through the apartment, and a delicious new cinnamon scented candle will coat the months of October and November in a sweetness redolent of Autumns passed.
Fall is almost as intoxicating as Spring, when we thrill at the thought of budding blossoms, and when all that lay dormant over the Winter comes back to life. Similarly now, we look at the exhausted plant life and understand that the time has come for all of the trees and flowers to take a rest. After all, we are tired too. The summer has been long. The sun has been hot.
Welcome chill weather.
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